Penguin Rock

In Sweden we have this thing called pingvinrock (in english it would be something like Penguin Rock). It is a mixture of jazz rock, punk, new wave, symphonic rock and this typical swedish movement known as progg. Listen to a sound sample here.

Up to today, there has been only one combo playing this exotic kind of music, and that is Hemliga 7:an from Malmoe. H7 was formed in 1978, and split up in 1981. The music of this powerful seven head strong group, is best described as Deaf School meets Sir Douglas Quintet, Genesis and The Band.

Unfortunately, the only recordings of this swinging band is a single and one track on a LP released to promote young local musicians. Today, these rare recordings are extremely hard to get your hands on, and a copy of any of these records is very expensive.

H7 was:

Bernt S Lodder - vocals, guitar

Brother Cock t.e. - tenor sax, flute, clarinet

Brother cock t.y. - alto sax, trumpet, trombone, accordeon

Double Olle - guitar

Ysta-Svensson - piano, organ

Tore Truck - bass

Lars Klar - drums